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HOT DOCUMENT: Keith Olbermann vs. Stu Bykofsky

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a testy email exchange between The Daily News’ Stu Bykofsky and MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann regarding the latter’s suspension. Olbermann breaks his media silence to berate Byko and takes great offense at Byko’s column from last Thursday which itemized the respective ideological affiliations of guests on Olbermann’s The Countdown and Bill O’Reilly’s The Factor and concluded that O’Reilly was the more fair and balanced. Whether Juan Williams, Alan Colmes or Geraldo Rivera actually qualify as legitimate voices of the left — and not Fox News-financed straw men — remains debatable at best, in our opinion. Still, the exchange makes for an entertaining read as the insults fly fast and furious and much pettiness ensues. Olbermann also goes out of his way to insult the man that suspended him, MSNBC’s Phil Griffin, although Olbermann denies in the email exchange that Griffin is actually the boss of him. Ballsy. All dialogue guaranteed 100% for real.

UPDATE: We’ve been punked, it would seem. Turns out right wing web site The Daily Caller purchased the domain name over the summer. Long time Olbermann nemesis Tucker Carlson crowed to Michael Calderone at Yahoo News that he planned to use the email address We had it on good authority that this was all legit, but it would appear that is not the case. Our apologies. We will leave this up as penance.

SECOND UPDATE: Keith Olbermann confirms the fakery on Twitter. Sorry, Keith.

THIRD UPDATE: Christ, now it’s on Huffington Post. All of a sudden we feel like a teenage girl who can’t distinguish between good and bad attention.

LAST UPDATE: Carlson, reached by phone Tuesday night, confirmed he impersonated Olbermann in the email responses to Bykofsky. “Could you resist?” Carlson said.  “It was just too funny. The flesh is weak.” Carlson said he didn’t expect the email exchange to be published. MORE

RELATED: In a continuing effort to combat identity theft, New York recently enacted an amendment to the Penal Law making it a crime to impersonate another person or pretend to be a public servant by means of online communication. Specifically, New York’s Internet impersonation law amends section 190.25 of the Penal Law by adding Subdivision 4, making it a crime to impersonate another person by electronic means, including through use of a website, with the intent to obtain a benefit or injure or defraud another person. It also prohibits using such electronic means to pretend to be a public servant in order to induce another person to submit to false authority or to act in reliance on that false pretense. Internet impersonation is a Class A misdemeanor and carries a maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine and a one-year term of imprisonment for each violation or act of impersonation. The new law became effective on November 1, 2008. MORE



——– Original Message ——–
Subject: [SPAM] From the Philadelphia Daily News
From: “Bykofsky, Stu”

Date: Fri, November 05, 2010 1:44 pm


Mr. Olbermann:
I’d like an opportunity to speak to you about your current situation.
I am doing a column for publication Monday. I will be here until 6 p.m., but won’t finish until 1 p.m. tomorrow.
If you would rather respond via email, what I want to know, essentially, is the following:
Do you think you were treated fairly by MSNBC?
Do you consider yourself a journalist or a commentator?
If a journalist, is it proper for you to give your opinions?
If a commentator, should you be anchoring a newscast, such as Tuesday night’s election program?
Do you regret chastising others (Rupert Murdoch) for making political donations?
Is there a difference between what he did and what you did?
Thank you.
Stu Bykofsky
Philadelphia Daily News


From: []
Sent: Monday, November 08, 2010 2:46 PM
To: Bykofsky, Stu
Subject: RE: [SPAM] From the Philadelphia Daily News

Mr. Bykofsky:

Unfortunately your column (which I just saw) had already run before I read this email. What a shame. I assume you saw the irony in attacking for betraying journalism, while you, a self-described journalist, failed to get a single quote from the person you were attacking. Pathetic. Indeed, beneath contempt. How dare you pose as the heir to Murrow.

You didn’t wait for the facts before writing your screed, but for what it’s worth I, unlike you, am a journalist, not a hack. Was I treated fairly by MSNBC? It’s hard to imagine a dumber question, as I don’t work for MSNBC, but for NBC News. As I’ve said publicly before, Phil Griffin is not my boss (thank god), nor is he intellectually qualified to be. Phil pretends otherwise in public. I’m not his shrink, but I assume it makes him feel better. The remarkable thing is that fools like you believe his fantasies. That pleases Phil, but only exposes your ignorance. The proof? I’ll be anchoring on election night 2012, long after Phil Griffin has moved on to a job for which he’s actually qualified, perhaps on QVC.

I hope that clears up your misconceptions.



——– Original Message ——–
Subject: RE: [SPAM] From the Philadelphia Daily News
From: “Bykofsky, Stu”

Date: Mon, November 08, 2010 2:38 pm


Failed to get a quote, Mr. O?
I emailed you at two locations on Friday and checked as late as Sunday night for a response. Other news outlets reported you had not returned their calls.
I should “Wait for the facts”? For how long? 48 hours seems like more than enough.
The facts are not contested – you made contributions to Democratic candidates, you didn’t disclose that fact and then you interviewed once of them – without disclosing it to your viewers. I was interested in your motives, and how you imagine the role that you fill at MSNBC/NBC/GE.
(You don’t work for MSNBC, Phil Griffin is not your boss, but he gets to suspend you. Very interesting.)
If you want to be a journalist, act like one. Start by reviewing the SPJ Code of Ethics.
Tell me, Mr. O, how many people have you attacked without even trying to get a quote?
If you do anchor election night 2012, and I hope you do for the hyperbolic entertainment value, please be honest with your audience. Announce which Dems you have contributed to. Or maybe honesty doesn’t come into play with a self-righteous wretch such as you.
You are a hypocrite for attacking others for what you do yourself.
And you are a gutless hypocrite for hiding from reporters with valid questions. Being called a “hack” by a shameless faux journalist like you is a compliment.
I hope that clears up your misconceptions, which are myriad.
Stu Bykofsky
Philadelphia Daily News
I report, you deride


From: []
Sent: Monday, November 08, 2010 4:58 PM
To: Bykofsky, Stu
Subject: RE: [SPAM] From the Philadelphia Daily News

Dear Stu,

Since you’re obviously a moron, I won’t waste your time or mine writing more emails you clearly can’t understand. But I do want to correct of the numerous errors of fact in your email: Phil Griffin did not suspend me. He doesn’t have the power or frankly the courage to do so. Once I had been (very) temporarily relieved of my duties by NBC management, Phil got on the phone to some of your fellow idiot TV columnists and tried to claim credit.

As if.

I could have Phil Griffin fired tomorrow if I felt like it, trust me. And if he keeps yapping about me in public, I may. For the moment, however, keeping Phil around is like having a drunk chimp in the office — more amusing than threatening.

Feel free to correct the record in your “column.”



From: []
Sent: Monday, November 08, 2010 5:46 PM
To: Bykofsky, Stu
Subject: RE: [SPAM] From the Philadelphia Daily News

“May be” a moron? No, you’re definitely a moron.
——– Original Message ——–
Subject: RE: [SPAM] From the Philadelphia Daily News
From: “Bykofsky, Stu”
Date: Mon, November 08, 2010 3:10 pm
To you, I may be a moron, but I’m not the one with a credibility problem.
Flame away, Mr. O. Didn’t your mama ever tell you about sticks and stones?
I realize your attention span is that of an ant, but you were invited to submit your “letter” for “publication.”
You did not “respond” nor did you respond to the previous questions put to you. Were they too hard?
I’ll help you. Here they are again
Do you regret chastising others (Rupert Murdoch) for making political donations?
Is there a difference between what he did and what you did?

Hey! Tomorrow night, what will be your act – contrite or defiant? Or just scowling and loud?
I can’t wait to see.
P.S.: I couldn’t possibly correct the record to reflect what you tell me without calls to NBC management for verification. Tell you what – get The New York Times to correct the record, because it reported what I did, then my liberal tabloid will pick it up from there.


From: Bykofsky, Stu
Sent: Monday, November 08, 2010 6:11 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: RE: [SPAM] From the Philadelphia Daily News

Can [I] be a “worst person,” too? Please!
Name-calling from a self-energized, smug elitist who doesn’t realize his waste stinks doesn’t answer any of my questions, Keith.
You seem to have an anger-management problem in addition to your inability to focus on anything you don’t want to hear.
But I proved that last Thursday, didn’t I?
Go back into your silo surrounded by your sycophants, big boy.
Best wishes for excellence and honesty in journalism,
P.S.; You really do have an amazing ability to ignore every serious point raised about your conduct. Supernatural, almost.

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51 Responses to “HOT DOCUMENT: Keith Olbermann vs. Stu Bykofsky”

  1. Jordan Says:

    methinks stu got punked.

  2. farles chew Says:

    You’ve been punked: that email exchange is a fake, suckers.

  3. JohnH Says:

    All 100% real….except it’s not, of course. Someone was obviously scamming the gullible Mr Byko. is not owned or run by Keith Olbermann. It was purchased as a domain by Tucker Carlson and his Daily Caller some months ago as a little parnk on Keith O.

    So one of Carlson’s troops apparently impersonated Olbermann and “journalist” Byko fell for it. Nice.

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  5. Adrian Hickman Says:

    I really cannot believe that you wouldn’t verify this before printing it.

    As for Stu’s article, and the poll from last week, it is typical Bykofski pot stirring and a waste of print an cybrspace.

  6. JohnH Says:

    Nice job on the quick correction.

  7. Larry W Says:

    I could tell it was fake immediately. Why?

    Because Keith wrote this:
    “Pathetic. Indeed, beneath contempt. How dare you pose as the heir to Murrow.”

    And, in all seriousness and honesty, Keith would NEVER say that about anyone other than himself.

  8. Joe Says:

    So if it’s fake, why not leave the explanation but remove to the fake emails? Seems to me there will still be morons out there who believe it to be real.

    I think a legitimate website would post a correction and kill the rest of the story.

  9. Jim Says:

    What “good authority?” Some e-mail responses that you had no proof were legit? And then you get into a pissing contest? No newspaper with any self-respect would tolerate this kind of mistake by a columnist.

  10. Angry Black Person Says:

    Wow! This is my first exposure to your website and most certainly my last. My takeaway? Your moniker suits you GRANDLY.

  11. Chaaaahlie Says:

    So you must still think those things you said about Olbermann since you won’t strike them.

    $40 says someone (first on the right, then echoed in the corporate media) will cite this exchange to showcase how unreasonable KO is.

    Good job

  12. Dexter Methorphan Says:

    Folk Music Editor: A.R. Prick

    Sounds like there a few Pricks there.

  13. Icefan13 Says:

    Punked is right, and in more ways than one.

    While the nitwit writing the fake Keith Olbermann emails was clearly TRYING to be an idiot, Stu Bykofsky wwas being an idiot without even trying.

    Bykofsky is the one who needs to eat some crow. What a moron.

  14. TomStewart Says:

    Wow. Two seconds on the internet you would have found out about Tucker’s little ‘stunt’. Very very lame. I’ll take my reading somewhere else.

  15. ChrisL Says:

    How is it possible that the rest of us know that Carlson owns that email and we’re not even reporters. It was so widely publicized at the time. A little research could have avoided this whole situation.

    And looking back at the exchange above out of 20″ of copy about an inch and a half are devoted to the correction. While it is all still crowned with a red-faced Olbermann and every reply from the fake email shows another picture of Olbermann.

    Not much of a correction.

  16. GM Says:

    Journalists, are you? Ever hear of the google?

  17. Ture American Says:

    It is obvious these emails were fakes.
    Why on earth would Keith respond to you, exclusively, and no other journalists, especially in such an inarticulate and abusive manner?

    You should have known from the beginning this was a fake.

    I think you did and you just posted this (and continue to post it) as your claim to fame.

    Pretty pitiful, don’t you think?

  18. Michael Says:

    Stu showing what an esteemed “journalist” he is, when he could have entered the URL of and seen it was Fucker Carlson’s Daily Caller. Mr. Bykofsky, your rants in your response emails are disgusting. If you had any dignity you would erase this specific webpage and your original column from cyberspace.

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  20. ProgLib Says:

    Why would you even bother getting involved in an immature exchange like that without realizing that it’s a fake?

  21. brendancalling Says:

    so fucking funny. I don’t care if it IS fake, Carlson accurately described Byko: “moron”

  22. Lucy Ramirez Says:

    Everything looks legit to me.

  23. T-Rex Says:

    It’s a toss up now who should feel stupider, you, for falling for this after Carlson had already informed the public that he owned the e-mail address in question, or Carlson for pulling such an infantile stunt. You’d think after his own brush with a false accusation of rape he would be a little more sensitive to spreading misinformation about someone else’s words and actions, but he’s obviously a terminal adolescent. You guys are just hapless stooges.

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  25. carole Says:

    forget everything else. What does this say about Tucker? He seems obsessed with the fame of KO and his failures at CNN.

  26. carole Says:

    Forget everything else. What does this say about Tucker?

  27. MooseShady Says:

    Hey Stu

    Any kindergarden student would had find out that the “KO” email is a fraud. Next time when Mr. Carlson send you one of his prank email to you, ask him how Jon Stewart’s ass taste?

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  30. Paft Says:

    Aren’t you the moron who, back in 2007, said we needed another 911 because the “unity” brought on by such an attack would “sew us back together?”

    You and that 40-something fratboy who punked you deserve each other.

  31. bigyaz Says:

    So, just how long will YOUR suspension be, Mr. Bykofsky???

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  34. Fucker Carlson Says:

    You imbecile. Thanks for this window into your journalistic approach, you stupid hack.

  35. T-Rex Says:

    Is “Phawker” pronounced the way it looks? Appropriate, but Ah-Soul would be even better!

  36. Renfield Says:

    What’s the over/under on when Bykofsky, the ethics expert, will admit his repeated incompetent screwups in his column?

  37. Faye Kane, Homeless Brain Says:

    This wasn’t a joke, and he didn’t do it to be funny. It was a deliberate attempt by the rethuglican party to make sure oberman isn’t allowed back.

    It blew up in their faces, so now “it was just a joke”.

    How mad do you think orielly would be if the democratic party impersonated him?

    –faye kane homeless idiot savant

  38. David Says:

    hmmm. Couldn’t wait to get your 15 minutes? Tucker is a very small man (who could resist? Most mature people) but you aren’t demonstrating a lot of integrity either by leaving this crap on here. Oh sure, I can almost hear you say, it’s all over the internet by now. As if that excuses you.

  39. HenryEdu Says:

    Wow. Our media circus in a nutshell: pathetic Stu Byko’s punking by uber-pathetic Tucker Carlson devolves into a sad, hilarious flame war, each loser screaming “who’s a Journalist, schmuck?” while they both prove how disgustingly bad they are at the trade.

    They both come off like asses: Carlson for even indulging in the ridiculous charade of the website and these e-mails, and Bykofsky for having no clue he was being made the fool by a twerp in a bowtie, taking the bait and shrilly flaming someone he wrongly thought was KO, and then leaking it to Phawker thinking it made him look good.

    These are the people whose job is it to inform us? That’s disturbing.

  40. Mark Says:


    You did not merely get punked. You got punked by Dick Carlson’s Boy.

    Do you realize how pathetic Dick Carlson’s boy truly has been his entire life? How Daddy has bought one gig after another for his CNN-MSNBC-Dancing With the Stars-Blog son?

    A Philly Animal like yourself, Stu, punked by that worthless slob, Dick Carlson’s Boy.

    Shameful, Stu, downright shameful. You have humiliated the entire city of Philly, the Philly Daily News, and anyone with an ounce of common sense.

    You will forever be known as Dick Carlson’s Boy’s Personal Chump.

  41. Mark Says:


    The only thing more humiliating than your now-eternal crown as Dick Carlson’s Boy’s Personal Chump would be the pathetic title of John P. Normanson’s Personal Yes Man.

    Go to google, type in John P. Normanson, and you’ll learn the true definition of embarrassment, Stu.

  42. Mainstream Media Says:

    “Fake but Accurate” is all we ask for.

    For reporting on Republicans, that is.

  43. Bill Burkett Says:

    Carlson should be denounced for pulling such a bullshit scam.

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  45. Tuned_In Says:

    Stu initiated the contact by sending an email to the wrong party in the first place.

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  50. the laffer Says:

    If this doesn’t get Tucker a regular gig at fair and balanced Fox (news???),
    nothing will.

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