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PALIN: Doesn’t Debating Make You Go Blind?

In that case, let’s just do it until I need glasses! Bada-bum!


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2 Responses to “PALIN: Doesn’t Debating Make You Go Blind?”

  1. KingEd Says:

    That recap was good stuff! Well done.

  2. Dan Buskik Says:

    I feel like I’m through the looking glass on this one. When I listened to the debates I heard Palin completely ill-equipped to transform her memorized talking points into recognizable answers. Steven Pinker pointed out this typical exchange in his Oct. 3rd NYTimes editorial:

    “Ifill: How about that bailout? Was this Washington at its best or at its worst?

    Palin: You know, I think a good barometer here, as we try to figure out has this been a good time or a bad time in America’s economy, is go to a kid’s soccer game on Saturday, and turn to any parent there on the sideline and ask them, “How are you feeling about the economy?”….”

    It was in such start contrast to Biden’s surprisingly direct answers ( I don’t think I’ve ever seen him better), to me the whole thing seemed like a wash-out for Palin.

    The people seemed to agree. CNN showed 51 percent for Biden, 36 percent for Palin and CBS, restricting their sample to undecided voters, showed 46 percent for Biden, 21 percent for Palin. It seemed like the precursor for another drop in her ratings, as she dropped every week since being introduced.

    Irregardless, the media loves her. She gets great ratings and public interest is high, perhaps that’s why the spin has been steadily about “Hey, she didn’t seem quite as clueless as she did in a direct interview” (probably won’t see any more of those) and “whew, the bleeding has been stopped”. Today I’ve talked to people that did not see the debates and they’ve said that they heard she did pretty well. Can the media turn that perception into reality?

    Time will tell, but please don’t ask me to admit that she topped any expectations. She looked like she didn’t understand the issues at the beginning of the week and nothing she said in the debates made me feel otherwise, parroted talking points or not.

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