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CRADLE WILL ROCK, AGAIN: Original Van Halen Reunites For Summer Tour, Philly Date Inevitable


PEREZHILTON:Is pleased to exclusively confirm – sources tell us – that Van Halen is 100% reuniting for a massive comeback tour this summer with original lead singer, David Lee Roth.The tour will kick off in May and travel through amphitheaters across America.’

ROLLINGSTONE: ‘The reunion that Van Halen fans have been awaiting for twenty-two years began in December, when David Lee Roth walked into Eddie Van Halen’s Hollywood home studio. There he rejoined the band for a rehearsal, singing fourteen Van Halen classics. “They totally got along on a personal level,” a source close to the reunion says. “And it sounded great.” At press time, Roth and the band were negotiating a deal for a major summer tour, which would be Van Halen’s first Roth-fronted tour since 1984. Along with a possible Police reunion, it would likely be among the year’s biggest box-office draws.’

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2 Responses to “CRADLE WILL ROCK, AGAIN: Original Van Halen Reunites For Summer Tour, Philly Date Inevitable”

  1. Ed King Says:

    I sure do hope the Van Halen and Police reunions give the music industry that well-needed shot in the arm! I also hope someone gives DLR and EVH their necessary vitamin B12 shots in the ass.

  2. Citizen Mom Says:

    I’m not ashamed to say I’m pretty excited for a Police reunion — IF Sting can put his ginormous “intellect,” and most of his solo material, aside and just put on a frigging rock show. Still, I’m prepared to pay the money and find out. But I swear to God, if I hear “Love is the Seventh Wave,” somebody’s gonna die.

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