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Q&A: Ex-Daily Show Correspondent Wyatt Cenac


Ex-Daily Show correspondent/stand up comedian Wyatt Cenac will be bringing the funny to the Troc tonight so we got him on the horn for a wiseass Q&A. DISCUSSED: Cee-Lo, The Grey Album, Danger Mouse, King Of The Hill, black Republicans, banging Lena Dunham, why he left the Daily Show and what comes next.

PHAWKER: So, what’s it like working with Cee-Lo? Really LOVE that “Crazy” song and that Grey Album was rad!

WYATT CENAC: I once went on a date with a woman who told me that she had also dated Danger Mouse. We stopped hanging out. My guess is she’s now desperately trying to meet Channing Frye.

PHAWKER: What was your ah-ha! moment when you decided being funny for a living was what you were going to do with your life?

WYATT CENAC: Probably the moment somebody paid me to do comedy in something other than drink tickets.

PHAWKER: You were a writer and story editor for King Of the Hill, tell us something about that show that nobody’s supposed to know.

WYATT CENAC: That writer and story editor are the same thing.

PHAWKER: If you were on Girls, you would be the black Republican banging Lena Dunham. Discuss.

WYATT CENAC: Would I? With the amount of people who regularly ask me if I’m stoned, I’d figure I would play the capoeira instructor or the reiki healer.

PHAWKER: Wait, you’re not stoned all the time? What was a typical day in the life of a Daily Show correspondent?

WYATT CENAC: When part of your job includes interviewing a five foot tall puppet from Puerto Rico about its place in the world of journalism, there are no typical days.

PHAWKER: Why did you leave The Daily Show? And don’t say ‘It’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand.’

WYATT CENAC: You’re kind of hung up on race.

PHAWKER: It’s a white thing you wouldn’t understand.

PHAWKER: I left the show because it felt like the right time for me to venture out and focus on developing my own things.

PHAWKER: So what comes next?

WYATT CENAC: Working on it.

PHAWKER: The secret of comedy is…?

WYATT CENAC: A black thing that you wouldn’t understand.

The Trocadero Presents An Evening Of Comedy With Wyatt Cenac 8 PM  Tonight  $20


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