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Trust Us, There Is A Perfectly Good Explanation For This


This woman at the Phillies vs. the Mets at Citizen’s Bank Tuesday night is either:

A.) Really, really committed. Going all in. Doubling down. When she menstruates, it comes out Phillies red. OK, we get it.

B.) Paying belated tribute to the deeply-disturbing Diane Ladd lipstick-face scene in David Lynch’s Wild At Heart. (SEE BELOW)

C.) Batshit crazypants.

In which case:

A.) You have to respect the fact that some people can get so worked up about a steroidal man hitting a ball with a stick in the summertime for the amusement of fat, no-neck sububrban crackers drinking overpriced piss-tinted corporate firewater.

B.) You have to respect the gutsy choices she made, but this is probably a little too hip for the room. The gas-masked Dennis Hopper ‘baby wants to f*ck’ scene would have been a much easier sell with the Citizen’s Park crowd. Trust us.*

C.) Back away slowly and…RUN!

*Warning NSFW, possibly not safe under any circumstances.

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Via BuzzFeed

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