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AHOY: Fergie May Be The Best Thing To Happen To The Delaware Since Washington Crossed It

FOOBOOZ: Fergus “Fergie” Carey (Fergie’s, Monk’s Cafe, Belgian Cafe, Grace Tavern and Nodding Head Brewery) is listed as one of the officers on the liquor license application at old High Pressure Fire Service Building at Columbus Boulevard and Race Street. The building was purchased last year by the Live Arts Festival/Philly Fringe festival management and a bright orange liquor license placard is now displayed on the former fire hydrant pumping station. The building will be the permanent home of Philadelphia Live Arts and will include: MORE

RELATED: Morgan’s Pier is the name attached to Avram Hornik’s new project on the waterfront. Replacing what was once Octo and previously Rock Lobster, Morgan’s Pier is going for the beer garden vibe and backyard grilling style cooking. Hornik also told The Insider he’s in talks with a “name-brand” chef to run the kitchen. MORE

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