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Glenn Beck Declares ‘Philadelphia Sucks'; Says He Is Afraid To Walk Around Independence Mall After 6 PM

ATTYTOOD: “Philadelphia sucks,” Beck declares at the end of today’s rant, which is focused on his notion — and feel free to debate this, as I know you will — that it’s not safe to walk around the City of Brotherly Love at 6 p.m. (6 p.m.?) without getting robbed or shot. MORE

PREVIOUSLY: Beck and his fellow right-wing gabber Sean Hannity got dumped today by the city’s top-ranked talk-radio outlet, WPHT 1210-The Big Talker, in a major shakeup aimed at keepin’ it local. While Hannity and Beck — nationally the No. 2 and No. 3 most-listened-to talk hosts behind Rush Limbaugh — are scrambling to find a new home in America’s fourth-biggest media market, the shuffle means a more prominent role for locally based Michael Smerconish. MORE

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  1. CURATOR: Glenn Beck thinks “Philly sucks” :: Critical Mass :: A&E Blog :: Philadelphia City Paper Says:

    […] calling for his head almost on a daily basis.  Although you can lump me in the latter category, I found something on Phawker that Beck said recently that I don’t think many of you will take too kindly.  In a rant over his […]

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