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Philadelphia Named 7th Most Obscene City In America

[Artwork by PAUL ROCKER]

BUSINESS INSIDER: Ashburn, Va. is the most obscene place in America, as determined by analyzing data from Google. To find the most obscene cities in America, we plugged the “seven dirty words you can never say on television” — made popular by George Carlin — into Google Trends. We gave each city a score for each of the seven words, assigning more points to cities ranking higher up on each list. […] This is our third year publishing this list. Philly finally may be cleaning up its act. After coming in third place for the past two years, Pennsylvania’s largest city fell down to number seven this year. MORE

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  1. CURATOR: Philly voted 3rd most obscene city :: Critical Mass :: A&E Blog :: Philadelphia City Paper Says:

    […] when I mentioned that Philly had been ranked the 3rd ugliest city in America.  Well, unfortunately another list is out and Philly has once again been effectively shat upon.  Phawker picked up on a recent Business […]

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