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MARCH OF THE PENGUINS: Nefarious Rocky Statue Plot Afoot; WIP Promises 24-7 Goon Squad Protection


[Photo by iirraa via FLICKR]

CRAIG’S LIST: Need to recruit someone who is a Pittsburgh native, living in Philly. I want you to put a Penguins jersey on the Rocky statue and take pictures. I am going to send it in to the Post-Gazette and other media outlets to show some pride. If you are interested please reply to this ad ASAP.

INQUIRER: This morning on WIP (610 AM), host Angelo Cataldi was on the case, appealing for a thug lookalike – a big guy with “menacing facial hair” – to “guard” the statue from 8 a.m. through noon, when a major assault was allegedly planned. Cohost Al Morganti, realizing the statue is at the Art Museum, worried if callers might stay away for fear of becoming “cultured.” “Who’s going to post the bail money?” one interested caller inquired, hoping to get the job – and a promised pair of Flyers tickets. He was told violence was not encouraged. MORE

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5 Responses to “MARCH OF THE PENGUINS: Nefarious Rocky Statue Plot Afoot; WIP Promises 24-7 Goon Squad Protection”

  1. Philly Chit Chat Says:

    This morning there was a Flyers Jersey and a placard advertising Vitamin Water at his feet.

  2. Mike Saunders Says:

    Sounds like just another Chain Gang Prank a la don’t tell Eddie I’m cutting Tad’s lawn & propositioning Tad’s wife behind his back

  3. John A. McCaughrean Says:

    My name is Private John A. McCaughrean. I just returned back from Iraq and I will be driving through Pittsburgh Saturday morning. I will find a spot to take a picture of something with my Simon Gagne jersey with, with me in uniform. BRING IT ON ICE GIRLS, LET’S GO FLYERS. I will post it immediately to my myspace when I get home Saturday afternoon.

  4. sidney Says:

    philadelphia….hi this is the pittsburgh cleaning crew…we brought our brooms…where should we sweep?

  5. Sky Sports blog » Blog Archive » Rocky Statue: Target Of Penguin Terrorist Plot? [Interstate Hockey Hijinx] Says:

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