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This is now officially OUR FAVORITE SONG OF 2007. Written by Rowland Salley, this version from Raising Sand just fucking slays us every time. And speaking as former teenage Zepheads, it does our heart good to hear Robert Plant doing something we can both be proud of at our advanced age. Seriously, this is as timelessly classic as anything Led Zepellin ever did. And Alison Krauss is a force of nature. Mark Ribot’s guitar sounds like underwater moonlight piercing the spectral murk of T-Bone Burnett’s elegantly antiqued production. Like butter, it is. Because there was no official video for this song, we went ahead and made our own. Special thanks to the dudes who shot this footage on the way to Alberta, and to The Wookified Crue for tweaking, editing, and synching to the music.

raising-sand_robert-plantsepia.jpg BOSTON GLOBE: Each track sets a different mood – a lullaby, a seduction, a prayer, a remembrance – but adheres to Burnett’s elusive but recognizable template of blending vintage rock, country, folk, and blues with a lot of space. That space gives his work both an earthy quality and something approaching the otherworldly without ever veering into psychedelia.The austere “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us,” written by Burnett’s ex-wife, Sam Phillips, at times feels like a raga and at times like circus music from a Wes Anderson movie. “Polly Come Home,” sung by Plant in a controlled murmur – one of several silken modes employed throughout – is almost painfully erotic. Rowland Salley, Chris Isaak’s bassist, contributes the dreamy, slow chug “Killing the Blues,” which wouldn’t sound out of place on one of his boss’s records. MORE

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2 Responses to “ROBERT PLANT & ALISON KRAUSS: Killing The Blues”

  1. Glory Whole Says:

    It’s a great album. I listen to it almost every day.

  2. Phawker » Blog Archive » CYCLONE RANGER: Tornados Kill 50 Over 5 States Says:

    […] ROBERT PLANT & ALISSON KRAUS: Killing The Blues BLOOMBERG NEWS: The deadliest tornado outbreak in almost a decade tore across the southern U.S. late yesterday, killing at least 50 people, sparking a pipeline explosion in Tennessee and destroying homes from Alabama to Kentucky. The “extremely dangerous” tornadoes, spawned by unseasonably warm temperatures, prompted the first high-risk weather alert issued in February in 10 years, said. Heavy rain, winds and hail are possible from the Carolinas to southern New Jersey, forecasters said. The 24-hour toll makes it the deadliest day of tornadoes since May 3, 1999, when 46 people died in Oklahoma and Kansas, said Greg Carbin, a meteorologist with the U.S. Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma. Yesterday was also among the 15 most lethal episodes since 1950. MORE […]

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