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KILLADELPHIA: Cops Kill Ex-Mayor’s Nephew

skeleton-running.gifINQUIRER: Lt. Frank Vanore said that Timothy Goode, 24, of the 1000 block of Pratt Street, was involved in a drug deal Friday night in Germantown. Vanore said that when police moved in, Timothy Goode ran to Logan Street and turned toward police with a gun. Officers shot him twice, in the side and lower back. He died at Temple University Hospital. A 9mm semi-automatic handgun and a bag containing 45 crack vials were recovered nearby, police said. Plainclothes narcotics officers had been staking out the area of 200 Clapier St. where, police said, numerous drug transactions had been reported.

Timothy Goode was “a wonderful, lovable young man,” the former mayor said today, while leaving church services. “I loved him dearly.”skeleton-running.gifAsked if he had concerns about the way in which police conducted themselves, Goode said, “I don’t know anything except that when someone is shot in the back, it raises questions that need to be objectively looked at.”…In another shooting in North Philadelphia early yesterday, police shot and killed 21-year-old Trevar Cephas, who continued to draw a gun despite a police order to drop it. In both cases the police officers were not identified. They were placed on a standard administrative leave as the case is investigated by both homicide detectives and internal affairs, according to police. MORE

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One Response to “KILLADELPHIA: Cops Kill Ex-Mayor’s Nephew”

  1. john Says:

    The former mayor stated that when someone is shot in the back, it raises questions. Why doesn’t comment on the 45 crack vials or the gun. By the way it is possible to take a gun out and shoot behind you while your running away. If he would of stood there and not ran while removing a gun from his pants he would of been arrested and some liberal judge would of thrown the case out as usual in criminal justice center. As well as he would still be alive. However the family refuses to comment about the gun and drugs on their boy Timothy.

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