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WORTH REPEATING: It’s Hard To Be A Democrat

It’s hard when you watch a debate and decide that in the end you’re probably going to throw your vote away in the primary and vote for someone who doesn’t have a chance, like Dennis Kucinich. I mean, look at them, look at the front runners: Hillary Clinton, who can’t help being Hillary Clinton; Barack Obama, who was a disappointment from the beginning and whosekerrytutu.jpg new-found attack mode is as dispiriting as his low energy level used to be; John Edwards, whom I am afraid I will never be able to think of again (after this week’s Peggy Noonan column in the Wall Street Journal) as anything but a desperate furry little woodland animal.And then there are the Democrats in the Congress. What a bunch of losers, hiding behind the fact that it takes 60 votes to shut down debate and 67 to override a presidential veto. So what? So pass a law and make Bush veto it. Make him veto something every single day. Drive the guy crazy. What have you got to lose? And meanwhile what have you done? You’ve voted for the surge, you’ve voted to authorize a war against Iran, and you’re about to vote in favor of an attorney general-designate who refuses to call waterboarding torture. MORE

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