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BREAKING: Philly Gets Its Man, er, Men


Looks like Mike Nutter’s about to be upstaged on his own Election Day — but we have a feeling he won’t mind. In fact, it might be a good diversion from the long, soggy hours before the polls close at 8 p.m. breakingnewscardfront.jpg

Suspected cop killer John “Jordan” Lewis may have been arrested in Miami rescue mission at around 7 a.m. Sounds like the dumb kid stayed there Monday night, and someone recognized him shortly after the Miami news began running his photo this morning. Assuming it’s him, we’ll just say we’re thankful nobody else got hurt.

And maybe we’ll hope it signals some kind of change in how Philadelphia stories will end — without gunplay, and without the bloodshed the entire city assumed was coming.

MYFOXPHILLY.COM: Cop Killer Suspect Arrested in Miami

MIAMI HERALD: Cop killer suspect may have been found in Miami

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