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GAYBO: My Big Gay Indian Summer

gaybo.thumbnail.JPGBY TOMMY ZANE GAYDAR EDITOR Fall is always my favorite time of year. There’s a huge influx of students moving into the city and summer gasps its last breaths, as we have seen these last few days. This year, The Gayborhood has some new spots on the menu to offer. Bill Wood, former owner of the ubiquitous Woody’s, has opened his lavish and upwardly mobile Knock. Entrees include pan-seared scallops, fire-roasted game hen and a grilled pork chop with chocolate sauce. Located at 225 South 12th St. (corner of Locust), Knock caters to a sophisticated crowd, so don’t be a slob, mmmkay? Formerly of Reading Terminal Market and North Third Street, Foster’s Urban Homeware has consolidated its store into one huge SuperGay SuperMarket. Foster’s has everything for your home, from cookware to linens with products from Finland’s iittala glassware and Kyocera knives. When I walk into this store I feel like I’ve died and gone to Europe.

It’s located at 399 Market St., at the corner of 4th and is open Mon. thru Sat. 10-8, Sun., 12-6.


Fedde Le Grand Vs. Ida Corr top the charts in The U.K.

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When I was a kid growing up in East Falls, nothing bugged me more than those Charlie Brown characters from Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts” comic strip. They never had any race relation problems and their parents didn’t hit them. They just seemed so far removed from my experience. Well, never fear, because once again, through the power of theatre, we have a chance to re-imagine all this. Plays and Players presents the Philadelphia

premiere of “Dog Sees God: Confessions of A Teenage Blockhead”, directed by Bill Egan. Replete with adult situations and language, writer Bert V. Royal has created a world where Peppermint Patty is a hipster, Charlie Brown’s sister Sally is a goth, and Lucy is an insane, institutionalized pyromaniac. The show runs the gamut, from issues dealing with sexual identity and homophobia to drug use, teen violence and

rebellion. None of it is sanctioned by Schulz’s estate; this promises to be parody at its best and maybe it’ll soften even the most hardened inner city kid. The show runs through Sat., Oct. 13, at the Plays and Players Theatre, 1714 Delancey St. For more information, call 215-735-0630.


Brit Kate Nash is the new Lily Allen?

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Calling all dirty minds…come and play the team trivia game where it pays to have a dirty mind! Questions pertaining to: sex practices, terminology, scandals, naughty movie scenes, and explicit song lyrics. Free to play, Over 21 at Valanni, 1229 Spruce St.


Threesome of The Week: Woody’s Video DJ and birthday boy Steven Segal +
Hott hunk and actor/writer Matt Damon, turning 37 + Sen. Larry “Go away already” Craig.

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