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KILLADELPHIA: ‘Shoot The Bitch! Shoot The Bitch!’

skeleton-running.gifDAILY NEWS: In the darkness Thursday night, Esther Schultz ran into the kind of criminals who give this city a bad name. Schultz, 25, parked her car on 24th Street near Parrish, in Fairmount, at about 9 p.m. and started walking toward her house, chatting with her mother on a cell phone along the way. A car pulled up alongside her and a man jumped out and tried to steal her purse, police said. The man knocked Schultz, a therapist for Keystone Hospice, to the ground. Police said a female passenger shouted, “Shoot the bitch! Shoot the bitch!” and the man opened fire, wounding Schultz in the shoulder. Schultz survived her encounter with the heartless street thug. And on Friday, investigators said they arrested Akeim Bullock, 35, and Teakesha Jones, 36. Both were charged with attempted murder, robbery, aggravated assaulted and related offenses. MORE
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