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Ex-Inky Editrix Defends Murdoch’s Journo Integrity

rupertmurdoch.jpgHes saying, I like this paper, Ive paid a lot of money for it, I think The Journal and its brand are a valuable part of my global strategy, and hes not going to mess that up, said Anne K. Gordon, a partner at Dubilier & Company, a private investment firm, and a former managing editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer. She said people who predict that Mr. Murdoch would intervene aggressively, in damaging ways, do not give him enough credit.

NEW YORK TIMES: Let’s See, Everyone They Interview For This Is Gonna Go Negative, So If I Go Positive, I Have A Much Better Chance Of Surviving The Cutting Room Floor And My New Bosses Seeing My Quote In Print In The Times
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COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW EDITORIAL: “He has a record that proves that once he had some control he would readily find a way to sacrifice the Journal on the News Corp. altar. It’s his nature. We appreciate that the Bancrofts have come to realize that Dow Jones needs a fresh direction. And it is easy for outsiders to ask people to walk away from a $5 billion offer. But this is their moment in history. We hope they find a way to keep this American treasure away from Rupert Murdoch, who will smile even as he raises the stinger.”

inkysepia.jpgTo: The [Inquirer]staff
From: Bill [Marimow, Editor-in-Chief of the Inquirer]

I’m writing to let you know that I’ve failed to meet my self-imposed deadline for naming a managing editor [to replace Anne Gordon]. To date, I’ve interviewed about 12 well qualified people for the post including Inquirer staffers, Inquirer alumni and other top editors from around the nation. Rather than set another timetable for a decision, I’ll simply say that I intend to move ahead with a decision as soon as possible.
All the best,
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