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BREAKING: Anne Gordon, Managing Editrix, Is Leaving The Inquirer


AND THEN THERE WERE NONE: Pictured from left to right, Anne Gordon (with head down), Amanda Bennett, former editor of Inquirer, Joe Natoli, former publisher of the Inquirer. Developing…

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One Response to “BREAKING: Anne Gordon, Managing Editrix, Is Leaving The Inquirer”

  1. Sad Says:

    Dude, stop reporting this like it’s some scoop and attribute Romenesko. Thanks.

    [Duder, Didn’t get it from Romanesko — in fact, we got it from the same place he did: the Inky newsroom. Don’t think we called it an exclusive either. Furthermore, if you click the link the, the story actually moves forward a little. Thanks for being so upset about it, tho. –The Ed.]

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