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HOT DOCUMENT: I Shall Return

March 14, 2007
To: The staff
From: Bill Marimow [Editor, Philadelphia Inquirer]

I wanted to give you advance notice of an upcoming event in my life. Beginning tomorrow, I値l be out of the office for several weeksmarimow.jpg because I知 having surgery for prostate cancer at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. The operation is being done by Dr. Patrick Walsh, the surgeon who pioneered the nerve-sparing prostate surgery. Based on the reading I致e done, the prospects for full recovery are very good. Based on the experience of other colleagues who have had this surgery, I知 estimating that I値l be out of action for two-to-three weeks after the operation, which is scheduled for next Tuesday, March 20. Ironically, I have no discernible symptoms at all, and I feel in excellent health. While I知 gone, Anne Gordon will be overseeing the newsroom, so you値l be in very capable hands. While I知 recovering, I値l be at home in Washington, faithfully reading your work.

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