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SIDEWALKING: Laugh Clown! Laugh! [tickle, tickle]


MR. NATURAL: R. Crumb, New York Public Library, Valentine’s Day [FLICKR]

Please standby for Phawker’s exclusive interview with the Robert and Aline Kominsky-Crumb: Big butts, LSD, weird sex, meeting the Beatles, leaving America, and growing up in Philadelphia…


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One Response to “SIDEWALKING: Laugh Clown! Laugh! [tickle, tickle]”

  1. Phawker » Blog Archive » INTERVIEW: How DEVIL GIRL Became MRS. NATURAL Says:

    […] As a Valentine’s Day gift to his wife, the increasingly hermetic cartoonist agreed to interview his wife at the New York Public Library, and Phawker, in turn, interviewed the couple the next day. Calling their hotel room on Thursday morning was like a scene out of Crumb, as Aline simultaneously answered our questions and barked out directions to Robert on how to make the coffee maker work. The notoriously press-shy Robert is not doing any this time out, and the interview was only supposed to be with Aline but he kept chiming in and we finally convinced him to get on the line and tell us a little bit about growing up in Philadelphia. […]

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