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ONE SENTENCE EDITORIAL: Blunts don’t kill, guns do.


Just saying.

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2 Responses to “ONE SENTENCE EDITORIAL: Blunts don’t kill, guns do.”

  1. Raised By Bees! Says:

    Where are you in that pic? Definitely don’t look like Old City.

  2. Phawker » Blog Archive » THE MICHAEL SMERCONISH EXPLAINER: Wiping The Smirk Off Mr. Clean With The Dirty Rag Of Truth Says:

    […] I can only speak for myself, but I am neither nameless (check my byline, I’m also on the masthead) nor faceless and I have on numerous occasions emailed you for comment and all I ever get back is email blasts hyping your latest reading at some McBook Store in the ‘burbs. For the record, we would be happy to come on your radio show and debate you in person. But, frankly, we doubt you are man enough to take us up on the offer.   Individuals who hide behind the anonymity afforded by the Internet are seeking to squelch the First Amendment right of people whose identities are readily known and who, unlike their cowardly critics, put their names and credibility on the line each and every day on matters of public concern. Left unconfronted, it is a dangerous practice in the making. […]

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