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No Good Journalist Goes Unpunished

TO: The Inquirer

In my high school yearbook, I stated two goals: Owning the New York Yankees and winning atierneyslist.jpg Pulitzer Prize.

This was the late 80s. And who was winning all the Pulitzers? The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Inquirer was my first journalism job: a correspondent in the two-year program. I left to work in New Orleans, then returned to Philadelphia six years later. I thought The Inquirer would be my last journalism job.

For four years, I had the opportunity to work with people I liked and respected. I was given the chance to travel and write stories from exotic datelines like Baghdad and Brewton (Alabama). I made many friends. We managed to laugh even when things seemed dire.

So thanks, everyone, for a good run. If that Yankees thing ever works out, you’re all invited to sit in the owner’s box.

Good luck. And be careful out there.

Natalie Pompilio

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5 Responses to “No Good Journalist Goes Unpunished”

  1. David Says:

    The tag line on Natalies’s story says it all : “Former Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Natalie Pompilio will be spending the next four months in New Orleans helping the rebuilding effort.” She wins the award for best use of Brian Tierney’s severance pay so far…

  2. Citizen Mom Says:

    The classiest broad in Philadelphia.

  3. Terry O'Brien Says:

    2008 06 13: I’m sure the Inky won’t pass this on via her old email address, maybe you guys will.

    ‘Safe at Home’ by Natalie Pomilio

    I know you’re not supposed to reproduce stories on the net and send ‘em to your friends and relatives. Tough! I did and I also wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for a fine piece of writing that stopped me drinking my morning coffee and made me think about the real price of this war and the people who pay it directly. Great writing takes a simple story and raises it to iconic status. You did so. Congratulations.

    Terry O’Brien
    Mt. Laurel, NJ

  4. Bruno Pompilio Says:

    Pls, Natalie keep in touch trough e-mail.
    I would like to put you some questions concerning the possible common relatives.
    I am italian: fron south Italy.

  5. Bruno Pompilio Says:

    right e-mail is :

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