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Cover Wars: Whose Artfag Kung-Fu Is Stronger?

coverwars1029.jpgAlright, we’re finally catching up with the alt-weeklies’ breathless pace of publication and we’re actually doing this in almost ‘real time.’ Despite that bit of unpleasantness with the City Paper earlier this week, and our tenuous grasp on gainful employement with PW, we vow to remain objective. And this week, it’s a toss-up: Both papers have fairly killer covers, so hats off to all involved. PW rocks the Yankee Hotel vertigo shot for Steve Volk’s I-spent-a-night-there-last-week story on the creepy ol’ Parker. CP goes with a gorgeously retro cartoon recreation of that classic image of car show babia majora showing off Detroit’s latest in short penis overcompensation to illustrate Ashley “Paper Doll” Halperin‘s piss-take on the business of dying. Cigars all around because…
The Winner Is: A toss-up. At Phawker everybody is a winner!

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