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We Know It’s Only Rock N’ Roll But We Like It

The Changeling: Beck morphing, Lucifer rising, Tower Theater, October 23, 2006

Eva Says: Me and Beck roll like this: Him, international pop star; Me, long-time listener, first-time, um, seer. I had always hoped my first time would be one of those sheet-rippingly ecstatic moments of unalloyed ear-joy. But, Beck tonight? Not so much. I give it ‘Meh.’ When he came out in a dapper, snug-fitting vintage tuxedo and red silk bow-tie, his dirty-blonde locks grown Jesus-length, things looked promising. But in the end, the scenery — a live puppet show behind the drumkit, complete with puppet versions of the whole Beck entourage, filmed and beamed onto a screen behind the band — chewed the star. It’s a bad omen when the puppet upstages the puppet-master. You know, it was over for Spinal Tap when the puppet show got top billing on that double-bill date at the amusement park. Verdict: Neither good nor evil. And as T.S. Eliot once said, it’s is better to be truly evil than neither good nor evil. So, to sum up, Beck was: Not better. B-
Beck With Some Strings Attached
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Phawker Exclusive: Our Awesome Beck Flickr of last night’s show. Consider yourself invited. If there’s any trouble at WILL CALL just tell ‘em you’re our Plus One. Cuz there ain’t no friends at Phawker. Just Plus Ones. Hugs.

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